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Engagement & Wedding

Our Top 10 Engagement Rings

Discover our Top 10 most popular engagement rings featuring diamonds sustainably created in our zero-emission foundry.

Four Bridal Jewelry Sets For Every Wedding

Discover the bridal jewelry sets featuring VRAI created diamonds that are sure to add extra shine to any and every wedding celebration.

Pourquoi vous allez adorer notre bijoux personnalisés

Créez votre propre bague de fiançailles ou votre joaillerie personnalisées avec notre équipe d'experts en diamants : vous verrez, c'est un peu comme tomber amoureux!

Your Guide to Wedding Party Jewelry

Explore our curated selections of wedding party jewelry and discover the fine jewelry fit for the family and friends joining in on your celebration.

6 Wedding Day Tips from Celebrity Stylist Petra Flannery

Wedding day and bridal style tips from celebrity stylist Petra Flannery for VRAI’s Summer Bridal Experience.

Essential Tips From Celebrity Wedding Planner Colin Cowie

Expert advice on wedding planning from celebrity wedding planner Colin Cowie.

The New Three Stone Engagement Ring

Discover the latest selection of our three stone engagement rings made with VRAI created diamonds that perfectly reflect your unique style.

How to care for your VRAI jewelry and engagement ring

Learn how to maintain brilliance and shine for years to come with these tips on how to best care for your VRAI engagement rings and fine jewelry.

Nos formes

Nous considérons la forme de nos diamants créés par VRAI comme leur personnalité, et offrons des options de personnalisation inégalées pour les bagues de fiançailles et les bijoux en général.

Les diamants expliqués : Le guide ultime des 4C

Comprendre les 4C - la coupe (la taille), la couleur, la clarté et le carat - vous aide à trouver le diamant créé par VRAI qui vous convient, et vous assure de sa valeur.

Diamond Carat: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Learn more about carat - the most famous of the “4Cs” - and how this reference to your diamond’s weight, not size, can affect its overall beauty.

Diamonds Defined: Understanding Cut

Learn more about cut - part of the 4Cs - and how it can have the most significant impact on a diamond’s overall beauty and value.

Diamonds Defined: Understanding Color

Learn more about color - part of the 4Cs - and why the absence of color in a white diamond makes it rarer and more valuable than others.

Diamond Clarity: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Learn more about diamond clarity, an important part of the 4Cs that is the most obscured to the naked eye.

6 Men's Wedding Ring Styles We Love

Get inspired with six of our favorite men’s wedding rings styles - from traditional bands to unisex looks - and discover the style perfect for them.

How to Choose the Perfect Engagement Ring

Let us break down the many factors that go into choosing the perfect engagement ring and provide you with some helpful tips to guide you.

Nos montures

De notre Bague Signature à la Bague Three Stone, découvrez notre guide ultime des montures, pour identifier quel modèle de bague de fiançailles met le mieux en valeur votre diamant créé par VRAI.

La meilleure façon d'identifier sa taille de bague

Un guide ultime pour identifier sa taille de bague, et vous permettre de choisir une bague de fiançailles à vos mesures - que la bague soit pour vous ou pour une demande en fiançailles...

Solitaire vs. Halo Engagement Rings

Let’s take a moment to compare and contrast two definitive engagement ring styles to help you narrow down your search - and get ready to say “yes!”

Spring Engagement Ring Trends

What spring engagement ring trends are right for you? Compare and contrast styles to find your perfect ring.

Our Upgrade Program

Renew your wedding vows or mark another milestone with our Diamond Upgrade Program.

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